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According to Amnesty International, Iraq executes "scores" of political prisoners every year, at least 31 confirmed last year. How long would it have taken Saddam to execute the 6000+ Iraqi civilians we've killed this year? Figure it out.

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Saturday, May 17, 2003

Iraq's Slide Into Lawlessness Squanders Good Will for U.S.

...In the space of a few weeks, awe at American power in war has been transformed into anger at American impotence in peace. A crime wave, increasingly the work of organized gangs far better armed than the skeleton Iraqi police forces, has kept citizens in a peculiar state of limbo, free yet fearful.

Delays in restoring electricity and telecommunications have kept businesses closed. Banks, looted of at least $500 million in deposits, have yet to reopen. Traders, attacked daily by armed bands on the highway linking Iraq to Jordan, are reluctant to send much needed imports. ...

Well, Freedom IS just another word for nothing left to lose, apparently.

Arabs and Kurds Clash in Kirkuk, and at Least 5 Are Killed


IRKUK, Iraq, May 17 — Ethnic tensions between Kurds and Arabs exploded into violence in this northern city today, as clashes in several neighborhoods left at least 5 dead. It was the worst violence in this city since the war.

Pickup trucks carrying armed men drove into Kirkuk from the town of Hawija, witnesses said. Kurdish witnesses to the violence said the armed men were Arabs, who were shouting slogans of support for Saddam Hussein. Gunfights ensued in two neighborhoods, said people who had been wounded in the fighting...
(link above)

Let's see. The Shiites don't like us in the south. The Sunnis don't like us in the north. The Iranians don't like us to the easr, and the Syrians don't like us to the west. At least the Turks and the Kurds like us. But wait, don't they hate each other?


Can six investigators do the job?
Tiny FBI team heading to Saudi Arabia sign of deeper problems

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 15 — As the State Department ordered all non-essential U.S. citizens to leave Saudi Arabia, the FBI had assembled an “assessment team” amounting to a half dozen agents and technicians. While any presence is better than none at all, in practical terms, a team of six amounts to virtually nothing and the fact that it is so small is, in itself, an indication of deep trouble in the relationship.

DURING THE USS Cole investigation in 2000, for instance, nearly 200 agents visited Yemen. In the East Africa Embassy bombings in 1998, the number neared 400. The fact is, the size of the team matters and a show of force is an important aspect of any criminal investigation.... For those hoping that the terrorists will be captured, the first signs are not promising...


The New Republic via agonist: Iraqi security experts and other sources in the capital say that, under the nose of the American forces, Iraq's nascent political groups are forming armed militias and storing weapons as they prepare for a potential civil war for control of the country.


Russia to modernize military, develop new nuclear weapons
Moscow, May 16 (DPA) Russia is to modernize its armed forces and develop a new generation of nuclear weapons to secure its place in the world order, President Vladimir Putin said today during his annual state of the nation address.

''These weapons assure the defence capabilities of Russia and its allies,'' the president told the traditional gathering of political, religious and security chiefs in the Moscow Kremlin.

Remember that Bush has just announced that the US would recommence building nukes after a ten year hiatus. Thanks a lot, W!

Now a second generation follows bin Laden's lead

AFTER 20 months of US-led efforts to dismantle al-Qaeda, what is the state of the organisation now? With Washington claiming "more than half" of its top echelons captured or killed, who is running the show?

An Islamist dissident in Saudi Arabia claimed this week that a "second generation" of al-Qaeda has emerged. A newly emerged al-Qaeda spokesman claimed to an Arab newspaper, before the Saudi attack, that new leaders had emerged virtually unknown to US intelligence.

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

Christian Science Monitor via The Baghdad morgue has seen a 60 percent rise in gunshot killings over the past 10 days. LINK

Whiskey. sexy. democracy. shootings. I'll bet they didn't see "Bowling for Columbine".

Friday, May 16, 2003

Texas Repubs lied to Government to Obtain Homeland Security Help in tracking Exiled Dems

Agency suggests it was misled in search
Trooper hinted at plane crash; ploy denied as Democrats seek inquiry

05/16/2003, By TODD J. GILLMAN and PETE SLOVER / The Dallas Morning News

A Texas trooper assigned to find missing Democrats sought help from a federal agency that tracks smugglers and terrorists by implying that a planeload of state legislators may have crashed, the federal agency said Thursday.

Democrats said the "subterfuge" was an abuse of power that stemmed from Republican House Speaker Tom Craddick's order to arrest those who fled Austin to block a vote on a GOP bill to redraw congressional districts.

They demanded formal investigations into what steps were taken to track former House Speaker Pete Laney's light plane to Ardmore, Okla., where he and 50 other Democrats were holed from Monday through Thursday – out of the Texas Department of Public Safety's reach.
LINK includes partial transcript

When people will stop at nothing to obtain their goals, isn't that's what's called evil?

PS: Notice how the article avoids mentioning WHICH agency they deceived? Apparently, they were afraid people would get too outraged if they knew it was the Dept. of Homeland Security.

SUCH a liberal media we have.

Unfounded Terrorism Charges Revealed

From Today's Duluth News Tribune reports that of the 56 terrorism charges brought against suspects in the first two months of the year, "at least 41 of them had nothing to do with terrorism."

-Here are some of these unrelated cases presented in the article:

-28 Latinos charged with working illegally at the airport in Austin, Texas, most of them using phony Social Security numbers.

-Eight Puerto Ricans charged with trespassing on Navy property on the island of Vieques, long a site of civil protests of ordnance testing-A Middle Eastern man indicted in Detroit for allegedly passing bad checks who has the same name as a Hezbollah leader.

-A Middle Eastern college student charged in Trenton, N.J., with paying a stand-in to take his college English-proficiency tests. He received a one-month jail sentence after pleading guilty. .

Such abuses are why the law should never have been passed in the first place, as we all said then and continue to say now.

Fla. Gov. Bush Orders Guardian for Fetus

By MIKE BRANOM, Associated Press Writer, Tue May 13,11:55 PM ET

ORLANDO, Fla. - Gov. Jeb Bush ordered state lawyers Tuesday to seek
the appointment of a guardian for the 6-month-old fetus of a mentally
disabled woman who was raped, angering abortion rights advocates.<
a href=""> LINK

That's what so great about Republicans. They give you all these rights as a fetus, you just lose them when you're born!


Separate Proms -- and Racism -- Linger in Parts of the South

By Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, May 14, 2003, LA TIMES
Jeffrey Scott Shapiro is a law student at the University of Florida.

Last weekend, parents of students attending Johnson County High School in Wrightsville, Ga., paid to hold a private, whites-only prom for their children in hopes of perpetuating a dying Southern tradition.

That tradition was challenged a year ago in a neighboring county by a lone high school student named Gerica McCrary, who organized the first integrated prom at Taylor County High School in decades. But McCrary's bold initiative didn't catch on. Johnson County High decided not to follow suit, and even at Taylor County High — where McCrary is now a senior — some white students chose this year to go back to holding a segregated prom....

Bush would call it school choice.


U-S military tells Iraqis to turn in all guns or face arrest

Baghdad, Iraq-AP -- The U-S military is now telling Iraqis they cannot own or sell guns. Any Iraqi who does faces arrest, according to a new radio spot running in the country.... ... McKiernan has issued a statement saying coalition forces will hunt down those people -- whom he calls a threat to everyone in Iraq. He is urging any Iraqi who owns a firearm to turn it in to coalition forces. link

Where is Charleton Heston and the NRA when you need him?

BTW: Remember John Ashcroft refused to allow searching of gun records in the tracking of terrorists. Virtually our only civil "liberty" to survive 9-11...

Thursday, May 15, 2003


A reader informs me that I "scooped" Atrios and Calpundit on the Saving Jessica Lynch Myth . I don't remember how I found it but it is general news outside the US. He also told me that the URLS of and were reserved on March 17, 2 days before the war started! If true, this seems a little like the short-selling of American Airlines the day before 9-11. Can anyone find me the registry for those sitenames?


OK I found it myself at: . But now it seems that it was a different Jessica Lynch, who won a beauty contest in NY. LINK . Latest scoop is that the whole thing was a scam by a certain right-winger to tweak the conspiracy-minded. Still, when you think of all the deception currently being practiced, it's not surprising people go to the other extreme. Moral of the story - don't believe it if it don't have a URL you can check it on.

Regarding the original story: I don't think it is definitive whether it was deliberately faked, or "fog of war". I've seen contentions on both sides. There is no question that it was no "daring raid" and it was known not to be such, even as the media spun it as one. It always boils down to this question: treachery or incompetence? And that is the question regarding 9-11 as it stands today, as well.

Actually the most egregious example was the 7 Iraqi nuclear sites looted because of "official indecision". Give me a f--kin' break. Was that "fog of war"? What was there to decide?

My conclusion was: They want us to be attacked. We'll find out soon enough.


‘A Technological Power of Inferior Culture and Values’
Mohammed Alkhereiji, Arab News Staff

JEDDAH, 12 May 2003 — Dr. Daniel Amit, a prominent Israeli professor at the University di Roma, refused a request in March to review a study by the American Physical Society.

In explaining his refusal, he wrote: “I will not at this point correspond with any American institution. Some of us have lived through 1939...”

...“What we are watching today, I believe, is a culmination of 10 to 15 years of mounting barbarism of the American culture the world over,” he wrote. “It is crowned by the achievements of science and technology as a major weapon of mass destruction.”

“We are witnessing a manhunt and wanton killing of a type and scale not seen since the raids on American-Indian populations by a superior technological power of inferior culture and values. We see no corrective force to restore the insanity, the self-righteousness and the lack of respect for human life — civilian and military — of another race,” he added, in reference to the US-led war on Iraq.

It appears the New Fascism has not gone unnoticed...


Iran ready to use anthrax say exiles

By Niala Boodhoo

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iran has biological weapons armed with anthrax, smallpox and typhoid and is ready to use them, an Iranian exile opposition group says.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran provided a list of names and places at a Washington news conference where they claim weapons were being produced, including Imam Hussein University and Malek Ashtar University

You'll recall they also have indentifiable nuclear processing plants unlike the invisible ones in Iraq.

But they're not as big a threat as Iraq was, right?


Exposed by (thanks to Tom Tommorrow and

Nasty cut and paste job creates huge fake crowd: LINK

--They should have done what our papers did, just use camera angle.


GOP Group Launches Anti-Edwards Campaign
Wed May 14, 5:53 AM ET , YAHOO/ AP

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Eight months before the first 2004 presidential primary, a pro-Republican group has unveiled attack ads targeting U.S. Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina.

Could it be it's because they think he'd win?

"Is President Bush's victory in Iraq coming undone like a cheap cowboy boot?"

Republican Strategist James Pinkerton thinks so: LINK

TEXAS DEMS VS. AMERICA? comments: "Welcome to Smirk's Police State: Office of Homeland Security tracked Texas Democratic legislators out to thwart gerrymandered redistricting."

Including arresting one legislator at a hospital emergency room!


Anti-U.S. songs top pop charts in cities
Lahore |From Abdullah Iqbal | 14-05-2003

The U.S.-led war on Iraq and the strong anti-war movement in the country have encouraged
established artistes and newcomers to produce songs which attack the U.S. action and call for
unity in the Muslim world.

Such songs currently remain at the top of the charts in cities such as Lahore, Karachi and
even in Quetta and Peshwar, where the musical efforts began. The music, especially in the
Pushto language spoken in the NWFP, has taken on an increasingly aggressive tone, and some
fear it will act to spur on extremist violence....

... As most people in far flung areas of the NWFP lack access to sources of entertainment, audio
cassettes churned out by a host of local musicians and poets are filling the void. All these songs
contain a common thread – they express solidarity with Iraqis and equate America with Satan.

As one song goes: "A devil has emerged from his den and has endangered humanity's peace.
Alas, there is no one to stop his cruelties." ...


Grave find proves war was right, says Blair
By George Jones Political Editor, (Filed: 15/05/2003)

Tony Blair yesterday used the uncovering of a mass
grave near Baghdad to justify the war against Iraq amid
growing concern at Westminster over the failure so far to
find weapons of mass destruction.

Of course, these deaths occurred in 1991, after Bush Sr. instigated a Kurdish and Shiite uprising that he quickly betrayed (fearing a too powerful Iran).

Blair then announced he and Bush would invade China for the 1 million Tibetan deaths in 1959, and Turkey for the 500,000 Armenians killed in 1918.

"We don' need no stinkin' WMDs," he concluded.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003


The latest Repub escapades -- the redistricting scams in Colorado and Texas --- illustrate how far they are willing to overthrow democracy and rule of law in the naked pursuit of absolute power. Let's list a few of the attempts of the last five years:

Year - Activity - Goal
1998 - Impeachment - Overturn 1996 Presidential Election
2000 - Recount - Prevent Counting votes in Presidential Election
2001- "Patriot Act" - Overturn Habeas Corpus, other civil liberties and rights
2003 - Anti-Filibuster Bill - overturn Constitutional checks and balances
2003 - Redistricting Scam - Overturn census reapportionment laws

This excludes the dozens of Supreme Court decisions eroding rights to sue in Federal courts, to prevent illegal searches and seizures, and so on.

Face it, this is a Fascist government in most respects.

There is no textbook definition for Fascism. However, there are some common features:
-Close cooperation between elites in politics, business, military and religion
-Hyper-Nationalism, militarism and (usually) aggressive Foreign policy
-Reduction of civil rights and liberties
-Physical Intimidation of enemies including by thugs, death squads or secret police

The current administration fills all the criteria except the last one, where they have limited themselves to verbal intimidation.

But it's not a pretty picture, is it?


Apparently, Great Minds think alike: Sheldon Wolin in this week's Nation (May 19):

The war on Iraq has so monopolized public attention as to obscure the regime change taking place in the Homeland. We may have invaded Iraq to bring in democracy and bring down a totalitarian regime, but in the process our own system may be moving closer to the latter and further weakening the former. ...

Wolin believes, as I do that the Bush Administration has already moved along the path to totalitarianism, but he makes some interesting distinctions between the current and previous totalitarian systems:

...No doubt these remarks will be dismissed by some as alarmist, but I want to go further and name the emergent political system "inverted totalitarianism." By inverted I mean that while the current system and its operatives share with Nazism the aspiration toward unlimited power and aggressive expansionism, their methods and actions seem upside down. For example, in Weimar Germany, before the Nazis took power, the "streets" were dominated by totalitarian-oriented gangs of toughs, and whatever there was of democracy was confined to the government. In the United States, however, it is the streets where democracy is most alive--while the real danger lies with an increasingly unbridled government.

Or another example of the inversion: Under Nazi rule there was never any doubt about "big business" being subordinated to the political regime. In the United States, however, it has been apparent for decades that corporate power has become so predominant in the political establishment, particularly in the Republican Party, and so dominant in its influence over policy, as to suggest a role inversion the exact opposite of the Nazis'. At the same time, it is corporate power, as the representative of the dynamic of capitalism and of the ever-expanding power made available by the integration of science and technology with the structure of capitalism, that produces the totalizing drive that, under the Nazis, was supplied by ideological notions such as Lebensraum. ...

Worth Reading in entirety: LINK


Apparently a lot of folks are thinking it this week: Check Lawrence Britt "Fascism, Anyone?" on Smirking Chimp.


Report Says Oceans Have Far Fewer Fish

Yahoo News

By JOHN HEILPRIN, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Commercial fishing has emptied the world's oceans of
90 percent of the populations of large prized tuna, swordfish, marlin and
other fish species that flourished a half-century ago, two marine scientists

Time to find another planet for us to despoil.


Criticism Grows at U.S. Failure to Find Iraqi Weapons

By REUTERS, Filed at 4:16 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Criticism is mounting at the failure of the United States to find Iraqi nuclear, chemical or biological weapons programs, with some
experts raising questions about U.S. intelligence as well as the way the Bush administration justified the war....

...``Was it a massive intelligence failure? Was it intentional manipulation of information by the Bush administration? Or were the weapons somehow destroyed or slipped
out of Iraq?''

``I think it's safe to say the weapons do not exist in the quantities claimed by the administration ... and there simply was not the imminent strategic threat that the
president cited as his main cause for going to war,'' Cirincione said....


(AP)..... Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, appearing on NBC's "Today"
program, acknowledged that "there was news coming from everywhere that they
were planning a major attack and we had established a committee with the
United States to see what we could do both of us in order to prevent this attack
from happening."

That's what I always do in an emergency!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

DIDN'T TAKE LONG TO START (The censorship, that is)

Reuters: VIA AGONIST : The U.S.-sponsored Iraqi television news station
complained of American censorship before its first broadcast
Tuesday, including attempts to stop it airing passages from the
Koran, the Muslim holy book.

The Iraqi Media Network has postponed plans to air a half-hour
live news program because of disputes over editorial control.

Could it be that there is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST with the Christian Extremists Bush hired to run the show?

Calling X-Men! (again)

U.S. to Sue Europe Over Ban on Modified Foods

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Filed at 1:34 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Bush administration accused the European Union of violating international trade agreements Tuesday in blocking imports of U.S. farm
products through its long-standing ban on genetically modified food, which the United States contends is safe.

How DARE you not want to eat our luscious FRANKEN-FOODS!


Bergen: No question, attack was al Qaeda

(CNN) --Suicide bombings Monday night at three housing compounds in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, killed at least 20 people -- including seven Americans, the Saudi Interior Ministry said. Nine bombers also died. Government officials suspect the attacks were conducted by al Qaeda terrorists.

CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergen, author of the best-selling book, "Holy War Inc.: Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden," discussed the attacks with CNN's Bill Hemmer.

HEMMER: Peter Bergen has studied al Qaeda for several years. Do these attacks look like the work of al Qaeda to you?

BERGEN: No question about it...

Al - Qaida Operative Warned of Attacks

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Filed at 2:04 p.m. ET

DOHA, Qatar (AP) -- An al-Qaida commander warned that the terror network was about to carry out major attacks in Saudi Arabia in an e-mail just a day before
the deadly assault in the Saudi capital, an Arab magazine reported.

The al-Qaida operative, who identified himself as Abu Mohammed al-Ablaj, wrote in an e-mail Sunday to the London-based Al-Majalla magazine that al-Qaida has
stored arms and explosives and set up ``martyrdom'' squads in Saudi Arabia to launch what he described as a ``guerrilla war'' on its leaders and the United States.

A U.S. counterterrorism official in Washington said the e-mail is regarded as credible and implies al-Qaida responsibility for Monday night's attacks

So much for the claim that invading Iraq would make us safer.

Calling X-Men

Study: West Nile mosquitoes are mutants

LONDON (Reuters) --Mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus and a strain of malaria have developed a resistance to insecticides because of a single-letter mutation in their genetic code, according to scientists. LINK


Yep and thats the minimum estimate. Could be nearer to 5000.[link]. That's 100 years worth at last year's rate of Saddam's executions, according to Amnesty International. It is also greater than the WTC toll, and now equals or surpasses the Afganistan civilian toll. In terms of a simple utilitarian calculus (maximum evil to the maximum number) that puts us well ahead of Al Qaeda.



Photo from

Iraqis may face fallout from nuclear looting soon

By Edmund Blair, REUTERS

TUWAITHA, Iraq, May 12 (Reuters) - Villagers who looted
uranium-tainted barrels from a former Iraqi nuclear facility may
face the fallout within months, when the effects of using them at
home could show up in rising cancer cases, experts say.


NYTIMES via Buzzflash

Bah, Wilderness! Reopening a Frontier to Development


SEATTLE — More than a century after historians declared an end to the American Frontier, the Interior Department made a somewhat similar announcement
last month, with no fanfare. On a Friday night, just after Congress had left for spring break, the government said it would no longer consider huge swaths of
public land to be wilderness.

(Future WalMart Site? -manis2society)

The administration declared that it would end reviews of Western landholdings for new wilderness protection. As long as the lands had been under consideration for
the American wilderness system, they had temporary protection from development.

With a single order, the Bush administration removed more than 200 million acres from further wilderness study, including caribou stamping ground in Alaska, the red
rock canyons and mesas of southern Utah, Case Mountain with its sequoia forests in California and a wall of rainbow-colored rock known as Vermillion Basin in

Monday, May 12, 2003

Iraqi Looters' Festival Dates Set

BAGHDAD (May 12) Iraqi Politician Ahmad (Rockin' Robby) Chalabi and the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce announced today that the last week in May would be set aside as the First Annual Iraqi Looters' Festival.

"It's gonna be a heap a' good times," commented departing US Governor Jay Garner, "I'm only sorry I couldn't be here to see it happen."

Garner was replaced this week by Washington insider Paul Bremer, as continued looting threatened stability in Baghdad and elsewhere.

"Still, I'm glad the Chamber of Commerce decided to try to turn this into a positive like I suggested," said the former businessman.

Events will include a Texas-style Chili cook-off, all-you-can-loot buffets, and a WMD relay race. Proceeds will go to the Future Orphans of the Iraqi Civil War Fund.


I have just been informed that the Looming Presence in Our Leader's Jockstrap is a Precision Guided Personal Defense Missile!

(Obligatory MAE WEST QUOTE: Is that a Precision Guided Missile in your jockstrap, or are you just happy to see me?)

And its a good thing, too. I was just about to post the following:


Forget about Rick Santorum's homophobia and Bill Bennett's gambling habit, we've got a REAL MAN for you and he is EL PRESIDENTE , EL JEFE, our Commander in Chief ....

All over Amerika thousands of GOP women are suddenly noticing just how manly our POTUS is!

You know Karl Rove does EVERYTHING on purpose. Even jetting onto the USS Lincoln when a helicopter (more efficient, but less manly) would do. Is this their attempt to address the Gender Gap?

Still, it is positively IMMORAL! Members of the Republican Junior Anti-Sex League should protest. Everyone knows that Jenna and Barbara Bush were conceived through Immaculate Conception, right?

Next thing you know White House interns will want to give him "BJ"s in the Oval Office!

Reassuringly, it was not so. Now parents all across the land can relax, and smile when their sons ask, "Gee Dad, can I have one of those for my jockstrap, too?"

Saddam Forms Soccer Team?

Saddam Hussein Spotted Around Tikrit, Northern Iraq, DPA Says
By Friederike Truemper
Tikrit, Iraq, May 12 (Bloomberg) -- Ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was seen near his home city Tikrit with at least 12 companions, Deutsche Presse-Agentur reported, citing Asharq Al- Awsat newspaper. LINK

Sources report that Saddam was posing as a member of itinerant Islamic Soccer team. Elvis was spotted slightly later.


From ABCNEWS via atrios:

A move in the U.S. Congress to link immigration with opening up Mexico's state oil company to U.S. investment has outraged Mexicans, and newspapers Saturday accused American lawmakers of arrogance and blackmail.

The House International Relations Committee narrowly approved the measure Thursday saying that any accord on immigration issues with Mexico should include an agreement to allow U.S. companies to invest in the state oil company Pemex.

The measure is a nonbinding "sense of Congress" amendment in a broad State Department funding bill, and must still be approved by both houses of Congress.

It went nearly unnoticed in the U.S. news media but created a storm in Mexico.

The 1938 nationalization of Pemex is celebrated as a symbol of national pride and was written into the constitution.

"Blackmail in the US: Immigration Accord for Pemex," a leading newspaper, El Universal, said in a front-page headline Saturday.

Those stinkin' Socialists! Tear Down the Wall, Senor Vicente, Tear down the Wall!

9-11 Coverup Update

Palm Beach Post via agonist: U.S. Sen. Bob Graham told a national television audience Sunday that the Bush administration is hiding intelligence information from the American people to "cover up" failures both before and after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Unable to reveal details because it remains classified, Graham said the report provides detailed information that "the American people have been denied" which would help in the continuing fight against terrorists. After the television appearance, Graham said the adminstration is worried about the Congressional report because, "We have connected the dots."

Why can't he just LEAK it for cryin' out loud, like the Repubs do? That's because they know he's got the goods and they've read him the Riot Act.

"Update" UPDATE: Atrios comments: It Should Be Front Page News
When a sitting senator and presidential candidate in the position to know accuses the president of a cover-up of the events surrounding September 11. Why it isn't I do not know.

If it was Clinton, it WOULD be front page news, whether it was TRUE or NOT.


Buzzflash notes: About 340 workers at an Omaha plastics factory will lose
pay or have to work next Saturday to make up for time
lost during a visit by President Bush on Monday to promote his
"jobs and growth plan"

Just because you lousy slackers got a little time off to see our President doesn't mean you're not going to have to make it up to us! You don't actually think we believe any of this horse manure about jobs and growth, do you?

Sunday, May 11, 2003


Yep... it's true. Now we need to apologize to the world, Iraq and even to Saddam.

Of course we won't, stinking liars that we've become.


What if we DELIBERATELY allowed those seven Iraqi Nuke sites to be looted?

That way when the next terrorist attack on the US comes (say next fall) and with dirty weapons (to boot), we can trace them back to Iraq, and say "Aha, Saddam did have WMDs, we just never FOUND them."


Not only are there prostitutes again in the New Iraq, but Heroin and Cocaine, too, the Independant reports.

You gotta love democracy!


Seven Iraqi nuclear sites looted
Numerous scientific files, some containers reported missing


BAGHDAD, May 10 — Seven nuclear facilities in Iraq have been damaged or effectively destroyed by the looting that began in the first days of April, when U.S. ground forces thrust into Baghdad, according to U.S. investigators and others with detailed knowledge of their work. The Bush administration fears that technical documents, sensitive equipment and possibly radiation sources have been scattered...

Dirty bombs, anyone?

A Lesson in the Corruption of Power and the Legacy of Unilateralism

Back when the Cold War was raging, hardliner Neo-conservatives like those currently in power used to argue against detente by asking, "Can the Soviets be trusted?" They pointed out that without democracy and rule of law the Soviet Union might not pursue a consistent path, and that future dictators might roll back any international agreements such as disarmament and the like. It was a valid point, but luckily Gorbachev proved them wrong.

Now in the wake of the Iraq invasion, many countries are no doubt asking if the US "can be trusted" as the world's only superpower.

What if, they may be asking, some unscrupulous individual were to squeeze his way into power using the loopholes in the electoral college process, and once in office abrogate all kinds of international treaties, and begin invading whatever countries he wanted. There would be no way to stop him.

Wait, that already happened...

Actually, it is serious and will affect the US for a generation or more. Already 4 European countries have formed an alternative to NATO. Already China is preparing for its twilight struggle with the US, in fact according to CNN it has moved up its war plans due to the Iraq conflict. The UN is weakened as well. Even if a Democratic president replaces Bush in 2004, he will find a landscape that has vastly changed, where the US is viewed with a new suspicion based on what it MIGHT do. Power corrupts is the reasoning, and it has corrupted America. If Bush is re-elected the damaged will be all that much greater.


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